Saturday, August 22, 2009

Farewell 2009

On 22nd August 2009, the Form 4s organised a Farewell for all the Form 5 Rangers! Their theme was The Happy Ending and some of the OC wore lovely dresses while others wore vests with pants. They started off by singing and dancing. And they also let us blow out candles.

Then Cai Yun, the chairlady, gave her speech.

(I tried to upload the whole video of the OC dance but somehow couldn't. Sorry!)

Then The Form 3s acted out Part 2 of their sketch from ATC '09. 三只小猪.

Ahem.. I mean 只小猪....

And a seriously pong Ah Pong!

Next, the Form 1s performed a song and a dance.

And then the Form 2s performed a modern dance.

Then, the Form 3s sang some songs.

And we got a cake! I forgot why....

After that was lunch time! Wang Mama's food with cake.

After some fooling around and toilet breaks, the show continued with a fashion show!

3 of the OC.

Then the Form 2s performed a sketch. Something like American Idol but the wannabes are worse.

'Randy Jackson'
Shy but talented singer with horrible dress sense
Hiao PCD wannabe
Note 'Randy Jackson' trying not to choke
The little rock star with a broom for a mic

The judge making out with the contestant

Theresa winning "Best Singer" crown. Woohoo!

Next was a dance by the Form 1s.

After more stuff, we finally handed down our posts. These are the top 4 posts: Unit Leader, Assistant Unit Leader, Secretary and Treasurer.

Congratulations all of you! Really sorry about the very belated update! I was trying to upload all the videos I took but don't know why it didn't work... I'll keep trying though!